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The reasons for life insurance

Protecting your loved ones is something you do every day, but some Americans fail to take relatively simple steps to protect them from the catastrophic. With the assistance of a professional, you can safeguard the future of your significant other, children, and other family members that rely on you today. Without you and the support you provide, their lives wouldn’t be the same.

The types of life insurance

Meet with a consultant at Hill Country Health Plans to learn about all of your options and what is right for you. Learn a little about some of them below.

Burial Insurance
This type of insurance helps your family cover the expenses of a funeral. Burial insurance provides for costs that will undoubtedly need to be incurred, unlike other types of insurance. This will help cover all of the things we associate with a funeral, from the casket to the headstone, or flowers and transportation.

Long Term Care Rider
This type of insurance helps those who need the health care down the line that often creates a financial burden otherwise. Long-term care insurance minimizes the economic impact of these costly services.

Term Life Insurance
The simplest form of insurance, term life insurance provides for your family in the event of death within a certain period of time. This type of life insurance has the smallest premium to pay.

Universal Life Insurance
This type of insurance allows you to withdraw a certain amount of money that has accumulated on your policy. This is very popular among policyholders and allows you to earn interest on the premiums you pay.

Whole Life Insurance
As the name describes, this insurance policy pays a benefit in the event of your passing under any period of time. The premium is typically held constant and the fund can be borrowed against.

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